Heroes & Generals review

There has never been a lot of big games to come out of Denmark, but Heroes & Generals has to be one of the biggest in recent years along with INSIDE. The game is a nice mix between a real time strategy game and a first person shooter, I actually got quite addicted to the game in the beginning stages when I first started playing. The game does get grindy – which I think is fair enough since afterall it is a free to play game, you can pay for stuff, but you can also unlock that stuff by simply … Continue reading Heroes & Generals review

Mount & Blade: Warband review

Developer(s): TaleWorlds Entertainment Release year: 2010 I recently discovered Mount&Blade again, however I have never actually played Warband much, it must be one of my all time favorite medieval warfare games. They included a feature I think everyone wanted from the original game – which is nice – the abilty to actually name your own kingdom, as well as being able to customize the colour of it. They improved upon the combat from the original a lot – perhaps a little bit too much to be honest – I find it harder in Warband to judge where to hit the enemy, … Continue reading Mount & Blade: Warband review