Urban Empire review

Finally - a game mixing politics and citybuilding, a game that I thought I was going to enjoy, but unfortunately I really didn't.


SimCity review

I had heard so many great things about SimCity, this was the first time I ever got to experience the game myself, and even at the release at that. I have got to say that I was extremely disappointed with SimCity when it was released back in 2013, and I still am. It feels like … Continue reading SimCity review

Mount & Blade: Warband review

Developer(s):Β TaleWorlds Entertainment Release year: 2010 I recently discovered Mount&Blade again, however I have never actually played Warband much, it must be one of my all time favorite medieval warfare games. They included a feature I think everyone wanted from the original game - which is nice - the abilty to actually name your own kingdom, … Continue reading Mount & Blade: Warband review