CS:GO Danish Championship starting off

The first Denmark’s Championship in CS:GO started yesterday (Wendnesday) Due to technical difficulties with the computers the finals had to be finished at 3 AM today (Thursday) Both Tricked and eFuture had been already been directly invited to the semi-finals, while 4 other teams had to quality, but the favorites had to see themselves beaten by the underdogs, Fragsters and Singularity. Fragsters won the final and with it the honor of 100,000 DDK. Singularity came 2nd and won 30,000 DKK. Esports has been growing in Denmark, like most other places in the world, recently the well established football team F.C. Copenhagen … Continue reading CS:GO Danish Championship starting off

Battlefield 2: “You fool!”

The Revive Network – the network with a slightly generic name – is probably known to many as “the great salvation” of Battlefield 2. Personally I love it, but there’s something I dont understand, why did they call their website battlelog.co?[link] Personally I think it is too similar to EA and DICE who actually abandoned and left the game to die, if there’s one thing I have learned about Battlefield fans it’s the fact that they’re always persistent. I wish EA and DICE would have contacted the fans – like they said they would- before they stopped supporting the games, and not … Continue reading Battlefield 2: “You fool!”