Tamagotchi is making a comeback

According to the website Verge.com[link] the japanese video gaming company Bandai Namco is now selling copies of the original Tamagotchi from the 1990’s on the street – complete with the original pets, features and colourful egg designs.

According to Verge – the price where it’s expect to be biggest – in Japan, is 1.920 yen, almost the original price back then, which is equal to around 17 US dollars.

In 2013 Bandai Namco released an app called Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. – which stands for “love is fun everywhere” like the original Tamagotchi your goal is to take care of the pet and solve diffrent puzzles. You can click on diffrent buttons in order to take care of the Tamagotchi untill it dies – that hurts, untill you download a new one.

“The idea was to make a game based on the original Tamagotchi, which everyone knows and loves. We want to update the app every month, so it develops all the time” said Shin Ueno, partner of Bandia Namco and marketing chief of Sync Beatz back then.

According to wikipedia is the Tamagotchi a minicomputer with software inside to simulate a pet – a virtual pet, which lives a life on an LCD screen keychain, the word “Tamagotchi” is the connection of 2 words – japanese “tamago” which means egg, and the english word “watch”


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