BF-L: Lack of Players vs. The Naked Soldiers – Matchday 2 | 02.04.17

The match between lop| against <TnS> was the one I deemed to be the most interesting for Matchday 2. Not because of lop| being my own clan, but we also had to replace pretty much our entire roster from the last season, last season lop| placed 3rd in the League, and <TnS> came 1st after having tied against both lop| and ¤)ßmÇ(¤.

The maps picked for the season are going to be Tobruk by lop| and UN Berlin by <TnS>.

Lineup for this match:
lop|Kobra vs. <TnS>Ramjet
lop|Denny vs. <TnS>Sentinel
lop|Latino vs. <TnS> Flasche
lop|Gorr vs. <TnS> jrcWatchlist
lop|Quagmire vs. <TnS> Skywalker
lop|Arcy vs. <TnS> Flasche
lop|Gaju vs. <TnS> M@ster
lop|Sommarél (UN Berlin) vs. <TnS> VanHelsing
lop|Heated vs. <TnS> Red Army
lop|Whoopz (Tobruk)

Round 1 / Tobruk:
146-0 for lop| – On the first round lop| were pretty disorganized, but they managed to win it 146-0 anyway.
Round 2 / Tobruk:
151-0 for <TnS> – Again lop| can only be described as disorganized, for some reason they all kept pushing – losing all their tanks – even though they really only needed kills and had the potential to win, they lost 0-151. (A Tiger and Sherman pushed into main almost immediately without being reported)

UN Berlin was going to be interesting considering lop| never trained it, even once with the new roster. <TnS> started Allied. Personally I thought this was going to be the case. <TnS> had never trained it either according to Watchlist.

Round 1 / UN Berlin:
At some point I heard lop| had all flags on ts, and the next they were almost getting baselocked.
Round 2 / UN Berlin:
lop| had <TnS> baselocked in the beginning as Axis.

lop| were the underdogs, 4 voted for them to win, 3 voted for a draw and 30 voted for them to loose. Ultimately it ended in a draw 3-3. lop| needed 5 more kills on their own map (Tobruk) to win.

Other matches:
{SoH} (Market Garden) vs. -=TL=- (Kharkov)
Results: 4-2 for -=TL=-
[CBS] (Cherbourg) vs. InVictus| (Reichsbahn)
Results: 4-0 for InVictus|
¤)ßmÇ(¤ (Tobruk) vs. GUN|BF. (Market Garden)
Results: 4-1 for ¤)ßmÇ(¤

Next opponent for lop| : [†amplier]
Next opponent for <TnS> : {SoH}


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