BF-L: The Naked Soldiers vs. [†ampliers] – Matchday 1 | 19.03.17

<TnS> vs. [†ampliers] was the match I deemed the most interesting for the 1st Matchday, the russian team reached 4th place in season 2015/2016 just 5 points behind <TnS>.

The maps picked for the season are going to be El Alamein picked by [†ampliers] and Murmansk by <TnS>.

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Lineup for this match:
<TnS> Flasche vs. [†ampliers]  AlexStamm
<TnS> M@ster vs. [†ampliers]  Pedro
<TnS> jrcWatchlist vs. [†ampliers] Teufel
<TnS> Skywalker vs. [†ampliers] Sv3n
<TnS> Red Army vs. [†ampliers] OXOTHuK
<TnS> Veki vs. [†ampliers] Dima
<TnS> Sentinel vs. [†ampliers] Sonic
<TnS> Flipper vs. [†ampliers] ROMIK KZN

Round 1 / Murmansk
29-59 for <TnS>
Round 2 / Murmansk
162-0 for <TnS>
Round 1 / El Alamein
107-31 for <TnS>
Round 2 / El Alamein
105-45 for <TnS>

Looks like [†ampliers] were in trouble for pretty much all rounds. <TnS> wins 4-0.

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Other matches:
-=TL=- (Battle of Korsun) vs. lop| (Battle of the Bulge)
Results: 4-0 for lop|
InVictus| vs. {SoH}
Results: 4-0 for InVictus|
GUN|BF vs. [CBS]
Results: 4-0 for GUN|BF


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